BRIGHTSTONE products are proudly made in Kuwait . Our company uses most advanced Concrete Technology available that gives the inspiration of nature to the product .


  1. Soft Marble surface . 

  2. Variety of shapes and Colors. 

  3. Real Stone look like .

  4. Easy Re-install Design 

  5. Resistant to climatic conditions. 



New Innovation of interlocking blocks 

A New world of Interlocks, Tiles and Wallies

 Founded 1989 Aljabriya block factory was one of the leader factories in Kuwait specialized in manufacturing concrete cement blocks . 

This what leads us achieving high technology using same regular components of concrete cement block with special additives that result in completely different production line . 


Since last  years (2008), research here in Kuwait came with Latest European technology  using natural components of cement blocks with special additives mixed and colored resulting in which we named BRIGHTSTONE . 


BRIGHTSTONE manufactured are highly qualified hand made .   Look like real Stone and enjoys all its qualities in terms of durability , color permanence , water resistance and shape. 


While we are the pioneer and the market leader in concrete cement block industry in Kuwait, our first priority has always been ,and will continue to be , the first concrete industry by ensuring that we provide the highest standards of products and services. 








"proudly we can say that Brightstone products are competing artificial marble industry" 
Mr .Abdullah Alkandari
chairman of the board