Common Questions

How long will BRIGHTSTONE last ?
BRIGHTSTONE's concrete mix is specially designed for a maximum durability against hardest conditions.

BRIGHTSTONE offers at least 10 years grantees.


BRIGHTSTONE is hand made product with the highest quality natural color pigments available in today's technology. After final curing of the product, color change over time is negligible.

How Thick is BRIGHTSTONE ?
The average thickness is 3 to 5 cm but may vary with style.
How much does BRIGHTSTONE weight ?
The average weight of 1cm thickness is 22kg/m2.
Is BRIGHTSTONE combustible ?

BRIGHTSTONE is not combustible. It has zero flame spread and zero smoke.

How BRIGHTSTONE installed?
For tiling Interlock, installation is due to the nature of use.
In all cases you should:
  1.   scrap the soil a distance of 30 cm from the alleged requirement. 
  2. a)For arena or car parking, fill the area with a 25 cm layer of a mix of gravel and sand. 
  3. b)For corridors, fill the area with a 25 cm a layer of coarse sand with no more than 10% of gravel.
Then spread the layer with water and compact the ground untill reaching 97% of compressing coefficient for case a, and 95% of compressing coefficient for case b.
  1.   Settle a layer of clean sand of of 5-7 cm thickness horizontally with no compacting.
  2.   Floor tiles of 4-5 cm thickness for arena or car parking. (For corridors, tiles of of 3 cm thickness should be use instead).
  3.   Cover the area with clean sand. Where tiles should be, compacted using a vibrator machine in this session avoids machine direct contact with the tiles use carpet in between.

Do not use water for compacting.

How do i cut the stone ?

To cut BRIGHTSTONE you have to use a grinder with diamond disc.

Is water a problem ?
Exposure to water is not a problem where tests prove that water absorption is 3.4% which similar to the natural marble.